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Art Competitions

Christmas Decoration Competition 2016
Well done to all the entries to the Christmas Decoration Competition. The School Council members found it difficult to judge because the standard was so high. In fact, all the decorations have been put on or around the Christmas tree for everyone to see. Winners were chosen from each class by School councillors from other classes. Here are some pictures of the entries:

Model Competition 2016

The School Council held a model making competition on Friday 26th February. There were some fantastic entries.


School Councillors judged the competition- they judged for a different class from their own and did not know who had made the winning models. They looked for the quality of finish, originality and the amount of work that had gone into each model. It was very difficult to judge as the models were so good. There were three children judging each class so that when two children  disagreed there was a third person to decide between them.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

The winning models were these: