Springside School Council was started in 2004 with the aims of enabling pupils to have a voice in school issues, to organise events and activities for themselves and to raise money for charity.  The Council is made up of 2 representatives from each class council (Year 1 to 6) and a School Council Chairperson and Secretary.

Class Councils

Each class has a secretary and chairperson, chosen at random each year from those that apply for the posts. This tradition was established when the first council was set up so that everyone who wants to take on a role has an equal opportunity of doing so. If a pupil is not fulfilling their role, then they may be replaced. The Year 5 secretary and chairperson become the School Council Chairperson and Secretary for the following year.

The Class Councils hold a meeting every fortnight to debate the agenda put forward by the School Council. There is always a last item on the agenda- ‘Any other business’ where the Class Council can discuss issues just affecting their class or raise issues they would like their representatives to take to the School Council.

The rules for all meetings are;

  • Pupils raise a hand to show they wish to speak.

  • All speakers must address the chairperson and wait for the chairperson to give them permission to speak.

  • Everyone is to listen to the contribution of others.

  • No put downs. (Pupils are not allowed to make fun of someone else’s ideas, but they can of course disagree and dispute them.)

  • No naming of other children when raising issues around school so that debates do not become a way of naming and shaming pupils. (e.g. Not ‘Jimmy was seen…, but ‘Some children have been seen…)

  • The Chairperson will try to involve all children in the debates or when collecting ideas. (They are encouraged to ask pupils who have made no contribution to a debate so far, so that everyone is involved).

  • If a decision is to be made a vote is taken. The 2 class officials then take their class’s decision to the School Council.

School Council Meetings

There are School Council sessions every Friday from 9.00am until 9.30am. These sessions will either be a meeting, debate and vote on the Class Council decisions or the Councillors will be working on preparing the next agenda and publicising events or decisions.

The School Council and Class Councils have successfully organised a range of  activities over many years. These include art and sport competitions, cookery competitions, talent shows, Easter Egg hunts and charity events.

They have also debated and promoted ways that the school could be improved, for example how they could look after equipment, how playtimes could be improved and how school could recycle more.