Pupils from years 5 & 6 have been trained in Peer Mediation skills by our Parent Support Adviser (Lindsey Hales).  The Peer Mediators work in pairs on a 3 weekly rota basis to encourage and guide their fellow pupils to find ways of solving the problems they face, or to explore new ways of looking at the situation.

Through Peer Mediation, pupils are able to:-

  • Understand and resolve conflict constructively, and without intervention from staff (unless necessary).

  • Take ownership of their problems.

  • Develop skills to enhance their social and emotional well-being (and transfer these skills outside of school, and later in life).

  • Be more accepting and understanding of peoples differences.

  • Show empathy for their peers.

  • See other people’s point of view.

  • Learn to respect and value themselves, and others.

  • Recognise the effects of their actions on others.

  • Promote skills including speaking and listening, critical thinking, negotiation, teamwork, respect and tolerance.

Peer Mediation takes place in school every Wednesday in the Junior Library between 12pm and 1pm – Lindsey Hales oversees the sessions.  Typical issues the children bring to Peer Mediation include friendship break-ups and arguments, name-calling and not being included in games.

The children sit down in private sessions with the Peer Mediators and talk about what happened, how they are feeling, what would make it better etc.  Pupils who have been arguing and are in conflict are encouraged to sort their problems out themselves with the guidance of the Peer Mediators. 

Comments from the Peer Mediators about Peer Mediation:-

“I really love doing Peer Mediation because I love helping to solve problems, and it makes me smile seeing everyone friends again”.

“I like that people trust me and talk to me”.

“I enjoy solving problems with people and finding out about their point of view.  I like helping people and seeing how they solve their own problems”.

Peer Mediation sessions are run by the children, for the children.