Term Dates 2020/21

Diary Dates – Autumn 2

3 Nov – Flu vaccinations (am)

5 Nov – Bonfire Bonanza lunch menu for children on school meals

6 Nov – am- Bikeability talk in Y5 (for those children who are doing it next week)

WB 9 Nov – Bikeability Y5 (Mon to Thurs)

13 Nov – Children in Need Day – This will be a non-uniform day, please donate £1 to Children in Need. Children will partake in classroom based activities in the afternoon and will learn about the charity.

13 Nov – Reports out to parents- As we are unable to have a face-to-face parents evening this year, teachers are completing small written report cards for parents from Y1 to Y6. This card will contain a class teacher comments section followed by your child’s targets for reading, writing and maths.  If a teacher needs to speak to a parent about anything, they will arrange a mutually convenient time to telephone.  Early Years children (Nursery & Reception) will also have a small written report with some observation photographs.

13 Nov – EYFS open night 4pm for parents who are considering sending children to Springside in September 2021 by appointment only. Suspended due to new restrictions.

WB 16 Nov – Anti-Bullying Week – odd sock day on Friday 20th November– no donations will be needed.  – Children throughout school will study this theme for a week and lessons will be appropriate to the age of the children.

16 Nov – Paul Cook footballer talking to Y5

25 Nov – EYFS film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

9 Dec – Y2 film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

10 Dec – Y1 film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

14 Dec – Y3 film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

15 Dec – EYFS Christmas theme morning – Details to follow

15 Dec – Y4 film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

16 Dec – Y6 film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

16 Dec – Christmas Dinner Day – we will make this a special as possible but some children will still need to eat in their classrooms.

17 Dec – Y5 film night 3.30-5.30pm (see below)

18 Dec – KS1 and KS2 Christmas theme day – Children can come to school wearing party/Christmas theme clothes. We will not be able to go into the hall for games but children will have an enjoyable Christmas Craft day with Christmas music and some party food. Parents are asked to donate £2 towards the cost of the food and some special Christmas craft materials.

18 Dec – Break up

Film night – (this night is a money raising activity in place of a Christmas disco) Children will have this event in their classrooms. Teachers will play a Christmas film and children will have food and drinks. Children pay £2.50 to attend.   Please see the individual dates for each class.

Christmas Cards – Due to the difficulties in passing cards around children and classes, we are asking parents not to send Christmas cards into school with children. We are aware that money may be tight for some parents at the moment but if parents would prefer to give a donation to school instead of buying cards, it would be much appreciated. We have not been able to do any of our usual money raising activities since September and this is a lot of money which we do not have for the children this year.