What's new at Springside?
Letters to Parents/Carers

SMARTIES Challenge

All the children have been given a tube of smarties as a treat.  We would like you to keep the empty tube and fill it with 20 pence pieces.  Please return your tubes by 11th October.

All money raised will go directly into improving facilities for all of our children in school.

Aldi's Kits for School

School needs to collect 300 stickers and send them off before November 18th to get a free sports kit for school.  

All schools are then entered into a draw to win £20,000.  If you spend £30 at Aldi you will get a sticker.  

Please collect the stickers and ask neighbours, family and friends to do the same and bring them into school.

Drop-In Sessions

If you would like to speak to Asheligh from Six Town Housing, she will be in school on Wednesday mornings between 9:30 and 11:30 am.

If you would like to speak to Lindsey Hales our Parent Support Advisor, or Mrs Wynn our Senco, 

their sessions are on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 - 3:30 pm.

Side Gate

The side gate will be closed at 9am every morning. 
So if you arrive after that time you will need to come through the office and sign your child in.

Uniform Policy
It is important that all children keep to the school dress code.  This ensures all children are dressed equally and it shows school visitors that we enforce high standards in school.  The following issues need to be addressed:-
Children should be wearing dark shoes for school, not trainers.  Trainers should only be worn for outdoor PE.
Children should not be wearing false nails of nail varnish for school.
Children should only wear a watch and/or small stud earrings.  No other jewellery should be worn.
Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum and where possible kept to school uniform colours.  Very large hair bows and head bands are not appropriate for school.
Mobile phones should not be brought to school unless necessary.  They should be kept in the school office.

Please park safely and with consideration to our neighbours at all times.  
For the safety of our children we ask parents not to drive on school premises.