Values Afternoon - Thoughtfulness

posted 30 May 2018, 03:25 by Miss Thornicroft   [ updated 9 Jun 2018, 07:47 ]
This week we had our 5th Values Afternoon of the year, the theme was Thoughtfulness. As usual, each class shared their learning in a follow up assembly. 
Children in EYFS listened to a story called 'Dinosaurs Do, Dinosaurs Don't'. They also talked about thoughtful deeds and they gave each other jewels if they saw them doing a thoughtful deed. 
Year 1 and 2
Children in year 1 and 2 listened to a story called 'The Mouse and the Lion'. They then wrote thoughtful and thoughtless deeds on post it notes. They talked about how each deed would affect their feelings. 
Year 3
Year 3 children thought about thoughtful deeds in different circumstances e.g. in school, at home, in the environment. They also made thoughtful fingers out of coloured paper. 
Year 4
Year 4 linked their work to their RE topic. They thought about Christian Aid and donating to charities. They also made thoughtful flowers. 
Year 5
Children in year 5 linked their work to history. They thought about famous messages in a bottle and then wrote their own thoughtful messages.
Year 6
Year 6 children thought about thoughtful deeds in all areas of life e.g. animals, environment, friendships etc. They made posters to record their ideas.