Values Afternoon - Respect

posted 29 Sept 2018, 06:37 by Miss Thornicroft
This week we had our first Values Afternoon of the year, the theme was 'Respect'. We shared our learning in an assembly.
Year 1
The children learnt about respect for each other and for the adults in the classroom. Also, respect for their own bodies e.g. kind thoughts, kind words and kind hands and feet. 

Busy Bees
The children thought about how respect grows and how they should be kind and friendly to others. 

Year 2
The children thought about respecting the planet. They thought about respecting our oceans.

Year 3
The children thought about the meaning of the word respect. They used their bodies to spell out the word 'respect'. They also performed a dance to the famous Aretha Franklin song. 

Year 4
The children thought about what respect looks like. They learnt about respecting our differences. 

Year 5
The children read a story about respect and wrote about what respect means to them. 

Year 6
The children thought about who they should respect. They looked at synonyms for the word 'respect'. They also looked at British Values and showing respect for other religions.