Values Afternoon - Respect

posted 4 Feb 2017, 08:12 by Miss Thornicroft   [ updated 4 Feb 2017, 08:19 ]
This week we had our first 'Values Afternoon' which was organised by our Values Committee. All classes spent an afternoon learning about 'Respect' then we all shared our learning in an assembly the following day. The work we produced will go in our School Values Book and some of it may also go on the wall.

Reception Class made a great display of hands and speech bubbles all about resecting our school and each other.

Year 1 children read and acted out a story where some animals were not respecting each other. They also made some posters.

Year 2 children thought about different aspects of respect and wrote speech bubbles showing what they had learnt.

Year 3 class carried out a learning walk to see if children are respecting our school, they then thought about how we could make sure we all respect our building and equipment.

Year 4 pupils linked their respect work to their Hindu topic - They made Hindu boxes to show their learning.

Year 5 children linked their respect work to the Christian celebration of Candlemas.

Year 6 used ICT to create posters about respect.