Values Afternoon - Pride

posted 27 Apr 2019, 04:37 by Miss Thornicroft
This term, our Values Afternoon was based on Pride. Each class learnt about a different aspect of this value and then shared their learning in assembly. 
EYFS children read 4 stories and they thought about what each character was proud of. They also thought about what they were proud of. 
Year 1
Year 1 children thought about how they could be proud of themselves and others. 
Year 2
Year 2 children thought about how everyone is different and everyone has something to be proud of. They embraced and celebrated differences. 
Year 3
Year 3 children wrote on Proud Clouds. They also read a story about an exclamation mark who wanted to be a full stop. The story taught them about how being different is something to be proud of. 
Year 4
Year 4 children thought about being proud of their school. They wrote poems about what is good about our school. They also thought about celebrity talents and about 'trolling'. People 'troll' others because they are jealous rather than celebrating other people's talents. 
Year 5
Year 5 children made a Proud Book. They shared their writing about how they were proud of themselves and other people. 
Year 6
Year 6 children learnt about Gay Pride and LGBT. They read a book about Harvey Milk and the origins of the Rainbow Flag.