Values Afternoon - Morality

posted 20 May 2017, 09:17 by Miss Thornicroft
This week we had our third Values Afternoon based on the theme of Morality. Each class took the theme and worked on it in classrooms then shared their work in assembly. 

Reception children acted out a story about a helpful stranger.
Year 1 children read a story about a fairy who couldn't sleep because she had things on her mind. They also made 'Moral Compasses'.
Year 2 children had a circle time and made posters to be displayed around their classroom. They also read a story about a person who found a diamond ring. 
Year 3 children read the same story as year 2 children but they acted out and filmed some drama sequences. 
Year 4 children also did some acting and then made 'Moral Frames'.
Year 5 children made 'Moral Board Games', they had to design them in small groups.
Year 6 children had debates and thought about some difficult 'Moral Dilemmas' posed by their teacher.