Values Afternoon - Community

posted 18 Jul 2018, 09:35 by Miss Thornicroft
Last week, we had our last Values afternoon of the year. The theme was 'Community', we all really enjoyed our learning. 
They looked at what a community is and what makes their community special. The children know that although they all share the same community, they have different things that they like to do. They shared what they like to do in the community and who helps them. 
Year 1
They looked at their school community, clubs they were in, friendship groups, shops in the community and places they eat in their community.
Year 2
They looked at the different communities they are all part of. They then thought of people who look after them in their community. They wrote thank-you cards to the fire fighters. 
Year 3
They created collages to spell community with pictures which represent Bury. They then made badges to show different communities they belong to e.g. Brownies, swimming clubs etc
Year 4
They looked at what it means to be part of the British community. They thought about the values and freedoms they enjoy as citizens of great Britain. They said what belonging to the British community means to them. 
Year 5
They looked at various contexts of community -  they live where they choose to and who they share their community with - They made friendship bracelets to show community
Year 6
They looked at the impact of natural disasters such as volcanoes on the community and how communities re-build and start afresh.