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Promoting British Values

Through its curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teaching and learning, Springside Primary School will promote British values. By doing so, we will ensure that all learners understand the values that have traditionally underpinned British society. The teaching of these values will promote cohesiveness within our school and community. We will prepare pupils for life in England where the population has an increasingly rich diversity of backgrounds, origins, beliefs and cultures by promoting the values on which our society has been built. By teaching pupils these values we will help all to become good citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Sport Relief 2020

posted 14 Mar 2020, 05:13 by Gillian Thornicroft

Thank you to everyone who supported Sport Relief this week, we raised £170. It was great to see everyone dressed in sport clothing and carrying out the 'Smile Mile'.

Graduates 12th March 2020

posted 14 Mar 2020, 05:09 by Gillian Thornicroft

World Book Day

posted 7 Mar 2020, 05:37 by Gillian Thornicroft

What a great day we had for World Book Day! The whole school studied 'Red - A Crayon's Story' by Michael Hall. 
We all dressed in bright colours and this helped us to get involved in all the different activities. 
We also had a multi-coloured cake sale to help raise money for books in school. 
Thank-you to everyone who supported us. 

Springside Netball Team

posted 29 Feb 2020, 07:18 by Gillian Thornicroft

Well done to The Springside Netball Team for your great work in the Bury Netball Tournament this week. 

Graduates 27th February 2020

posted 29 Feb 2020, 07:14 by Gillian Thornicroft

Graduates 13th February 2020

posted 24 Feb 2020, 06:29 by Gillian Thornicroft

Year 5 Class Assembly

posted 18 Feb 2020, 03:28 by Gillian Thornicroft

Well done to year 5 on your great class assembly. I loved the way you gave flowers to your family members to let them know how much you appreciate all that they do for you. 

French Day 2020

posted 18 Feb 2020, 03:21 by Gillian Thornicroft

We had a great French Day this week, every class celebrating the Modern Foreign Language we learn in school. 

Graduates 6th February 2020

posted 9 Feb 2020, 01:28 by Gillian Thornicroft

Graduates 30th January 2020

posted 1 Feb 2020, 06:48 by Gillian Thornicroft

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