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Promoting British Values

Through its curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teaching and learning, Springside Primary School will promote British values. By doing so, we will ensure that all learners understand the values that have traditionally underpinned British society. The teaching of these values will promote cohesiveness within our school and community. We will prepare pupils for life in England where the population has an increasingly rich diversity of backgrounds, origins, beliefs and cultures by promoting the values on which our society has been built. By teaching pupils these values we will help all to become good citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Fencing Club 2019

posted 12 Jan 2019, 08:28 by Gillian Thornicroft

Fencing group starts again on Tuesday 15th January and runs for 10 weeks. If you would like to join, please fill in the slip and return it with your £35. We need 10 children for it to run. 

Graduates of the Week - 10th January 2019

posted 12 Jan 2019, 08:23 by Gillian Thornicroft

Carol Service at Walmersley Church

posted 29 Dec 2018, 05:46 by Gillian Thornicroft

The Carol Service at Walmersley Church was lovely. Thank you to year 6 children for your readings, they were all very clear. Well done to Key stage 1, Year 3 and Year 4 for your lovely songs. One parent said you brought a tear to her eye.   

Springside Choir Singing in Residential Homes for the Elderley

posted 17 Dec 2018, 00:14 by Gillian Thornicroft

Well done to the Springside Choir for your wonderful singing at the 2 residential homes for the elderly. The people loved to hear you sing and you really cheered them up for Christmas. 

EYFS Production - A Present for the Baby

posted 14 Dec 2018, 05:27 by Gillian Thornicroft

Another lovely production yesterday. The Early Years children were excellent, they sang beautifully and the children with lines to say were really clear. Well done everybody.

Graduates of the week - 13th December 2018

posted 14 Dec 2018, 05:21 by Gillian Thornicroft

Be Internet legends Assembly

posted 12 Dec 2018, 00:04 by Gillian Thornicroft

We were really lucky yesterday, we had an assembly all about internet safety called 'Be Internet Legends'. This assembly was really informative and because of their wonderful technology, it kept our attention all the way through. 

Key Stage 1 production - Tinsel and Teatowels

posted 11 Dec 2018, 23:52 by Gillian Thornicroft

What a lovely show yesterday! You all worked so hard and the parents loved it. Your singing was beautiful and you all remembered your lines well. Also,  a big thank-you to all your teachers for their hard work too. 

Hanukkah Assembly

posted 10 Dec 2018, 02:50 by Gillian Thornicroft

Last week, we had a special visitor in called Mr Caplan in school who told us all about Hanukkah. He brought lots of artifacts to show us and he told us all about the customs and traditions. We learn't a lot. 

Bulb Planting for Mrs Charnley

posted 8 Dec 2018, 07:03 by Gillian Thornicroft

We have created a memorial garden for Mrs Charnley. Each class had a flower bed each and every child planted a bulb. Parents were also invited to plant a bulb with their child. The garden will look lovely in Spring. 

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