Terms of Reference - Friends

The Friends of Springside Primary School Terms of Reference
1. The Friends of Springside Primary School (The Friends) are a group of volunteers made up of parents, grandparents and guardians of any child attending Springside Primary School.
2. The aims and purpose of The Friends is to raise money for the added benefit of the children attending the school.
3. The group meetings shall be held on a weekday during school time in a school room with prior agreement with the headteacher.
4. Additional meetings may be required in the run up to a planned event, which may be held on alternative days with permission from the Headteacher.
5. Minutes of meetings to be uploaded on to the school website through the Headteacher.
6. The meetings shall be conducted by a group leader elected by the volunteers on an annual basis during the Autumn term.
7. At least two people shall be involved in counting and handling the money received.
8. All money raised shall be handed to the school office staff as soon as possible to be deposited in the School Fund account.
9. The Friends shall not speculate with any money raised.
10. The two main fundraising events, the Christmas Fair and Summer Fair will continue to be organised by the school staff with assistance from The Friends.
11. Parent activities should not disturb learning and parents should not enter classrooms whilst teaching is going on.
12. The Schools Safeguarding Policy must be followed at all times.
13. The Friends may from time to time wish to organise additional fundraising events in which case permission should be sought from the Headteacher.
14. It is not a condition that school staff should be members of The Friends or attend fundraising events although they will be welcome.
15. The Friends are accountable to the Headteacher and the Governing Board. Any Governor is eligible to attend a committee meeting and in the case of a dispute any decision made by the Governing Board is binding.
16. The Friends shall submit a short report of their fund raising activities to the Governors, via the Headteacher, before each full Governing Board meeting.