8 May 2017

Minutes for Friends of Springside Primary School meeting 8/5/17 
In attendance Miss Thornicroft, Adele Biega, Anthea Hardman, Sam Hornby, Becky Purcell 

Feedback from the fashion show 
 Positive comments made about the event and it was an enjoyable event. Raised around £550. "A massive thank you to you all too!! You have all worked so hard and it is really appreciated by us all. I enjoyed the show last night and have even got some great bargains in the process :) We will let you know when Jan has had a count up but you are doing a fantastic job of fundraising. Well done and thank you all" ~ Hayley 
 However some staff members/parents felt a little pressurised to attend as they were continually asked if they had bought a ticket and they felt quite uncomfortable. Does the hard sell work? We want to keep people on side to continue the support we have had so far. 
 There seemed to be quite a few "last minute" additions to the fashion show that were not discussed at the planning meeting with Miss Thornicroft. We need to make sure that we adhere to the plan for events and what is discussed with the school at the planning meeting is adhered to unless another meeting is held to make any amendments to the events and these must be agreed by the school and the group. 

Summer fair 
 To be held on Tuesday 11th July straight after school. 
 Initially, we are saying no craft type stalls until we know we need them to fill out the event 
 Stall ideas Water and wine - collect empty scree top wine bottles fill with water. Wrap bottles of water and wine in newspaper and people choose a bottle and either win water or wine. Splat the rat - toys rat sent down the drainpipe and challenge competitors to "splat the rat" before it reaches the ground Coconut shy - property coconuts on a table. Competitors throw a ball to knock the coconut off the table Water warriors - section off an area and charge £1 to have a water pistol for a 5 minute water fight. Can play individually or with friends - need water pistols and safety goggles and possibly ponchos Yucky dip - fill large bowl with green jelly that contains a selection of small plastic toys - children will love rooting around in the gunk for a prize. Hook a duck - good old classic and school has this already! Tin can alley - stack empty cans in a pyramid on a table, competitors have to knock as many over in a minute with water guns
Trash or treasure - choose a box...will is be a load of rubbish or will it be a prize? Draw the short straw - straws stuck in sand. Pull out the correct straw and win a prize. Name the teddy Y6 and teacher stalls - Miss Thornicroft to discuss with staff if they wish to do an enterprise week and they is be they're selling point at the end 
 Food and refreshment International cuisine - invite parents from different countries to make traditional food to sell at the fair. Miss Thornicroft, could this be linked to the enterprise idea? Then the children would have to research the countries too. BBQ - Sam to ask parent in Reception who owns Best in Bury if they would donate the meat Beer tent - need to find out if we can get an alcohol licence if children will be on site. Do we really need this? Candy floss Tea and coffee Pimms or punch Ice cream - do this ourselves so we make more  Attractions Face painting - may need more people to do this Henna - definately need to have more than one person to do this Raffle - let's get some amazing prizes Bouncy castle - Commando Joe will provide and supervise this AMF bowling inflatable - Adele to enquire about this Outside performers Toddler play pen - an area where parents can allow their little one to have a play while they eat. Parents will be expected to supervise their own children here. Rubber chicken chuckin' - like welly wanting Bury football club - Sam to speak to parent in Reception as they work there. 

Any other business 
 Arrange an evening meeting to give those who are unavailable during the day, a chance to attend and have an imput 
 Margaret Macdonald (co-opted govenor) has offered to arrange a quiz night. We could have it in a pub or the Walmersley con club to eliminate the pressure on staff and school 
 Sam to put a "doodle schedule" to see which night will be the most suitable for having an evening meeting to sort out any more ideas for the summer fair.