6 November 2017

Minutes for 6/11/17


Adele Biega Emani Perera Sam Hornby

Becky Purcell Julie Rowlands Anthea Hardman

Welcome to Emani, thank you for joining us.

This meeting was to discuss the upcoming Christmas Fair.  After last years success we have decide to look at the stalls we had last year and the cost of running them and how much they made.


Most profit made

Stall Cost £ Made £ Profit £

Trash or treasure 0 125 125

Water 2 wine 0 (Gov. provided wine) 110 110

Pot Goodies 37 (+cost to parents) 83 46

Bottle Tombola 0 145 145

Chocolate Tombola 0 175 175

Cakes 0 60 60

International Cuisine 20 (bowls + cutlery) 105 85

Raffle 0 140 140

Drinks 70 130 60

Yucky dip 35 60 25

Good as new toys 0 55 55

Y6 Games 70

Face painting 0 40 40


Archery         0 35 35


Choir 0 0 0

  • Some stalls will not run this year.

Face paint – Sam felt that her time would be better suited to running a better stall as face painting didnt seem as popular as expected.  At the summer fair there were times where Sam had no one sat in her chair.  Sam would like to run a Christmas Crafty table with Mrs Charnely.

Class stalls – it was decided that for the amount of effort, these stalls were not really successful. Staff felt happy to run one of the stalls that made money and we can get rid of these stalls.

  • This year we wondered if the children in the choir could be kept with their parents until it is time to perform?

  • Miss Thornicroft shared a list of the staff that are able to help and which stalls they would like to run, if those stalls are to be included this year.

  • Santa has been booked.

  • A parent has said that she has a sleigh that can be used at the Christmas Fair and that Santa can arrive on the sleigh.

  • We have decided to have outside traders again this year and to try to make more of it.  We plan to have the outside traders in the quad and make it all Christmassy with fairy lights etc.  We have decided, as we had so many raffle prizes last year, we will up the charge for a stall to £15 and not ask for a raffle prize.  Sam will contact the outside traders.  NO FOOD FROM OUTSIDE TRADERS.

  • Miss Thornicroft will ask Governors to donate wine to the water to wine stall.

  • Miss Thornicroft's mum has been very busy and has made little owls and lots of knitted things for us to sell.

  • Theme for Yucky dip this year will be Christmas – Adele suggested snowmen and reindeer and will price these up ( Baker Ross)

  • We need to decide if we will be selling Christmas decorations and hot chocolate cones.

  • Mrs Patel has said that she is happy to do henna again but depends on her circumstances.

  • We need to gather together the prizes left over and see what we have and what is need to be purchased.

  • Santa – it was discussed that the photos were a bit of a pain last year and it was difficult to get photos to the people who didn't have children at the school.  It was decided that this year, we will allow parents to take their own photos.  We also decided to get Cadbury selection boxes instead of the chocolate Santas (Anthea, Julie, Adele, Sam, Becky to price these).  Price to see Santa this year will be £2.

  • It was discussed if we are to continue with Pot Goodies this year, and we will be doing them, again this year.

  • Stalls this year

Trash or Treasure

Water 2 wine

Bottle Tombola

Chocolate tombola


International Cuisine




Yucky Dip

Pot Goodies

Good as new toys – including games

Y6 Games - + guess the name of the teddy




Christmas Craft

Tuck shop

  • We have a list of the staff who are available to run stalls and some of the Govenors who are also available.