28 November 2016

Minutes of Friends of school meeting 28/11/16 

ATTENDEES •Sam Hornby •Adele Biega •Melissa Kelly •Julie Rowlands •Anthea Hardman •Becky Purcell •Miss Thornicroft •Becca Turner 

Agenda for next meetings 
-check if any raffle tickets have been bought and allocate/fold 
-raffle prize update -Make signs to show where the stalls are 
– Adele to print and laminate 
-Write a letter to parents from Friends 
– Becky P to type up and email to school -Sort any items that have been brought in 
– Wednesday morning 
-Draw a map of the stalls to go on the letter 
– Sam to update and email 
- Where are we putting the put your own picture on a candle? 
EYFS -Does Sophie Neary want a stall? Yes jewellry – already allocated -Make a voucher for Massala lounge
– Becky P to make Minutes Raffle tickets written and folded. 
Raffle prizes so far – Sam to add to the Facebook page Afternoon Tea at the Red Hall Beer Keg from Lord Raglan Meal for two at Massala Lounge Family pass to Gauntlet Birds of Prey Staff Hamper Ten pound costa vouchers Sweetie Hamper Cbeebies Package Meal for two at Sriti Back Massage from Taylor Faith Katie Smith Nails A riding lesson at Affetside Riding Establishment 
Additional to this we need to say thank you to Becca's dad for the sign post and Smyths toys for the giant teddy. COULD CLASSES DO THE THANK YOU CARDS? 
Becca Turner has offered to use her camera to take the photos of children with Santa and organise photos 53 candles have been bought for the put your own picture on the candle 
Prices for Stalls need to be decided. ( facepainting £2) 
Office staff will count money throughout the fair and will keep a note of how much each stall makes.
Chocolate Santas bought
Adele to print signs Purchase stuff for fair – Adele gingerbread men, Becky P stuff from costco 
Should we have ID if we are in school so often? 
Anyone available to come and sort out stuff please come along Wednesday morning. 
Next meeting Monday 5th December to discuss the success of the fair.