26th January 2018

Minutes of the meeting Friday 26th January


Dates of upcoming events were discussed

Disco Thursday 15th Feb, same as last time.

Years 1, 2 and 3 5.45-6.45.  Years 4, 5 and 6 7-8.

Children will not be bringing money so no sweets will be sold, and not going to sell things in advance, just a disco.  Also Miss Thornicroft thought face painting would not work at this event.  We will need helpers on the night please!


Sponsored Pancake Toss

Monday 12th Feb at 9am.  As last year, teachers will bring 1 class of children in at a time, split into 5 groups.  We will lead the activity, timing and counting each child’s tossing.  Monday was decided because that was the day with the most willing volunteers… 

Willing volunteers are Julie, Sally, Becky, Sam, Anthea, Cheryl, Adele.


Easter Shows (Years 3, 4 and 5)

There are 2 evening performances, Monday 19th March and Wednesday 21st March.

We will sell refreshments, as we did at Christmas.  So will need willing volunteers…

Last year it was discussed about getting every child an Easter egg when they take part in the egg hunt.  We have managed to source mini eggs (cheap!) meaning every child can have 10 eggs. Need to cater for the child who is dairy free.


Summer Fair FRIDAY 29th JUNE

We have a planning meeting on Monday 26th March at 2pm.

Need to book an inflatable before that, and need to be thinking about ideas…


2 Rugby Tournaments, Tuesday 24th April and Tuesday 3rd July.  We would like to serve refreshments…