26th April & 10th May 2019

Members present BP, CB, AH, AB, NB, CD, AJ, GT

Year 6 leavers hoodies have been priced, cost is £13. Letter is going out to parents, replies need to be back by half term. AB to order and collect.

Old Hall Primary School have 14 trestle tables which we can have if we can pick them up. AB, BP and CD to collect.

Summer Fair Plan so far…
Beach Theme
Raffle – tickets to be ordered by school. Prizes need to be collected please!!!
Punch – would need an alcohol licence.
Ice Creams – didn’t make much money on this last year so would like to do it ourselves. CD to organise easy things, ice lollies, icepops, choc ices etc.
Limbo (could be Y6 game)
Hula Hoops (could be Y6 game)
Coconut Shy – CB to ask Fruit and Veg man for coconuts.
Trash or Treasure
Chocolate Tombola
Bottle Tombola
Pot Goodies (beach theme)

Glitter Tattoo
Yucky Dip – AB to order stuff.
BBQ – need to ask Best in Bury and Warburtons for donations.
International Cakes – Alice to organise. AB to ask her.
Tuck Shop
Archery – would Erin’s grandad run this?
Kitchen – chips and veg burgers (Halal option)
Who works in the chippy? To ask for chips?
Critters Corner – Sally would your friend want to do this?
Balls in a bog? Maybe… throw footballs in a toilet, win the ball.
Or beach balls in a tyre decorated in a Hawaiian theme…

Drumming group, maybe to come and perform and maybe let children join in. AH to organise.

Outdoor spaces…
Edan’s dad volunteered to upkeep the pond area twice a year.
AJ to ask when school want it doing.

Wild flower meadow, area at the front of school outside EYFS.
This will then mean we can apply for RHS level 3.
Poppy seeds to put in there, with other flower seeds. Grounds maintenance not to cut that area. Needs fencing/roping off so that it looks like it is supposed to be there…
Need to measure raised beds and fencing.
Also going to put raised flower beds in that area. Hoping to grow veg which can be used by the cook.

Donations of herbs to put outside the Y4 classroom on the raised area on the playground.

Next meeting Friday 7th June at 9am.
Plan is to write, print and send letters to companies asking for laptops, or money for laptops. If any one has any ideas of which companies we should target or companies they have links to please let us know.