24 February 2017

Minutes for Friends of Springside Primary School meeting 24/2/17

In attendance
Sam Hornby, Adele Biega, Anthea Hardman, Julie Rowlands, Melissa Kelly, Miss Thornicroft, Mr James 

School disco 2/2/17 
EYFS to have their own disco during the day of the disco 
Tickets £1 to cover costs of refreshments and snacks 
Y1-Y3 5:50-6:50pm Tickets £2.50 Y4-Y6 7:00-8:00pm 
Tickets £2.50 Drinks, packet of crisps and biscuit includes in ticket price. 
Children are to be dropped off at the school office and picked up from EYFS door promptly to ease congestion. 
Anthea and Julie to buy stuff for disco Cups Juice Biscuits Crisps No hotdogs or other extras as DJ will entertain the children.
Classes to make snowflakes to use to decorate the hall. 

Any other business 
 FOSPS means Friends of Springside PRIMARY School 
 FOSPS to ask office staff to send text out about next meeting 
 Women's only fashion show discussed and generally well received. Not planned as yet but in the pipeline 
 World book day 2/3/17 FOSPS to do book sale with books left from the Xmas fair 
 Non-uniform day 17/2/17 in honour of Mr Hutton and his new family. Letter has been penned. 
 Sponsored pancake toss Tuesday 28/2/17 - toss cold pancakes. Letter has been penned 
 Sam to contact man who embroidery the red school bags and see if he would give us a cut if we sent a lot of business his way 
 Miss T passed on a catalogue from initiatives fundraising which does bags for life, tea towels, mugs etc. General consensus was this was good but we like the calenders too. 
 No date set for next meeting as yet