22 Sept 2017

Friends of Springside School Meeting 22/09/17

Present:- Miss Thornicroft, Melissa Kelly, Adele Biega, Becky Purcell, Becca Turner, Julie Rowlands, Anthea Hardman
Apologies from Sam Hornby.

1) Stall totals presented from Summer Fair. Available to view in folder.
2) Budget cuts this year have affected the school to the tune of £10,000, but as the number and needs of the children has not changed a lot there have been no
redundancies. This leaves significant difficulties in funding additional trips/activities, even curriculum related. This means our fundraising activities are even more crucial.
3) Adele, Julie, Cath and Becky have been tidying the library and found books that have been donated on the occasion of children’s birthday. There don’t appear to have
many new books recently so this seems to be a good idea to get ongoing donations into the library.
4) Mrs Bamford used to co-ordinate Cauliflower cards- Christmas cards - but now she has left no staff will have time to take this on. So we agreed to take this on, and will
also check out class fundraising.
5) After the success of last years cake stall, feel this is worth repeating so have booked this in for 16th October.
6) Autumn Glow Disco 2nd November
7) EYFS open evening 15th November.
8) Children in Need, 17th November, toast in school.
9) Christmas Fair Tuesday 5th December.
10) Drinks at various events- 12th Dec KS1 production eve
-13th Dec EYFS production afternoon
-14th Dec KS1 production afternoon
11) Spring Disco February 15th
12) Various rugby tournaments across the year, providing hot drinks and poss hot dogs etc