21 November 2016

Minutes of Friends of school meeting 21/11/16 

ATTENDEES •Sam Hornby •Becky Purcell •Melissa Kelly •Julie Rowlands •Sally Gillard •Becca Turner •Miss Thornicroft 

☆stalls - Santa's Grotto to be relocated to EYFS quiet room. How much are we charging? £2.50 CHILDREN GET A CHOCOLATE SANTA WHICH HAVE ALREADY BEEN PURCHASED BY SCHOOL - Face Painting and nails to be put in the Y6 corridor. Would this be better in the library? TO BE PUT IN THE LIBRARY WITH NAILS AND HENNA - decorate bauble and gingerbreadman to be located in EYFS as something to keep Santa's visitors occupied - who is to purchase the baubles? - were we having a tuck shop? NO - apple bobbing? SAVE FOR SUMMER ☆text sent out to all parents about stalls available for £15 + a raffle prize for those with a business who would be interested. Are we going to open this to other businesses outside school such as Usbourne books/phoenix trading cards etc, if so, when? How many tables can we fit in? CHANGED TO £10 A TABLE + DONATION TO RAFFLE. OPEN UP TO OTHER PEOPLE. WE HAVE 7 TRESSEL SIZE TABLES AND CLASSROOM TABLE WE CAN USE. ☆Becca Turner found a carrot game. Are we including this in the list of stalls? Could be something to do with snowmen? Y6 TO POSSIBLY USE HIS IDEA. HAVE PASSED ON THE WEBSITE FULL OF IDEAS FOR Y6 GAMES MEETING ON 21/11/16 

●how much did the toast sale make on Friday 18/11/16 for children in need/school? 
●discuss questions highlighted in last meetings minutes 
●continue to organise location of stalls 
●signs to be made to let parents know where things are located 
●draw a map/list of stalls and locations to be printed on a letter to parents. Should this also include the proposed changes to the pot goodies so parents can explain to their children prior to the fair ●Ask Miss Thornicroft/office staff if there has been any interest in £15 stalls and allocate a space 
●do we need to purchase anything? 
●Need to make sure that we are able to record the amount of money each stall makes 
●should we charge an entrance fee per family? Maybe £1? 
●do we need to have more stalls? (Hot chocolate cones, guess the weight of the cake, silent auction? 
●if we are allowing outside stall holders do they need/have public liability insurance?

☆Toast sale was a success and enjoyed by all who ran it. We made £43! Well done everyone who helped run it. One thing mentioned was that we should run it again but would need another toaster if possible. ☆questions raised in last weeks minutes discussed. See Above. 
☆There has been interest in stalls from two people. As a group, we decided to lower the price to £10 + donation to the raffle to attract more people. Also discussed opening it to other stall holders other than parents. Sam Hornby to contact "crafty" people to see if they would like a stall. Sally Gillard to contact her friends too. 
☆Outside stall holders need to be able to show us their public liability insurance on the day. 
☆Miss Thornicroft gave us a list of the stalls and responsible adults. STALL LOCATION ADULTS Y6 Game Stall Y6 classroom and corridor Mrs Yarwood/ Mrs Kay Y5 Snazzy Snowmen (snowmen made with socks) Mrs Hughes/ Y5 children Y4 Hot Chocolate mix/fudge Mrs Patterson/ Alison Egan Y3 Baubles Miss Mullineux Y2 Cakes, biscuits etc Outside Y1/2 Miss Locker/ Mrs Lucas Y1 Decorations etc Outside Y1/2 Miss Campbell and Mum EYFS Pot Goodies EYFS Mrs Wynn/ Mrs Mansell OTHER STALLS Christmas decorations Miss Holdsworth Books and comics Hall Mr James/ Julie Rowlands/ Mrs Barlow Chocolate tombola Hall Miss Ellis (until 4.45)/ AntheaHardman/ Hannah Hardman Santa's Grotto EYFS quiet room Santa – Miss Thornicroft sorted Elf – Becca Turner Calenders Entrance Miss Thornicroft and Mum Raffle Entrance Miss Thornicroft and Mum Toys/teddy tombola Hall Mr Burke/ Becky Purcell Cafe/ cakes Hall Mrs Bamford/ Mrs Ali Face Painting Library Sam Hornby Nails Library Danielle (Theo's mum) Henna Library Miss Patel Guess the weight of the cake Entrance Mrs Hinkley Water2wine Hall Adele and Mum/ Mrs Tomlinson (until 4.30) Bottle Tombola Other available people Possible available people Melissa Kelly Mrs Hetherington Mrs Hardy Mrs Denby
Miss Wright Mr Ewers Mrs Fielding 
☆Other stall holders Derek - Smallthingswood www.facebook.com/smallthingswood Mrs Hasan – Stationary/ food Mrs Brooks - ? 
☆Set up from 1.20pm 
☆Raffle letter is going out tonight (21/11/6) 
☆Discussed what each class is being asked to bring on non-uniform day EYFS mince pie/cakes/biscuits Y1 and Y2 Chocolate for the chocolate tombola Y3 and Y4 Christmas decorations Y5 and Y6 bottles for the bottle tombola (Alcohol to be brought straight to the office by an adult) 
☆How are we getting on with raffle prizes from local businesses? Boots said they were probably not going to be able to help as it has just been Children in need and they have a lot of charities they help at Christmas but please ask again later in the year. Sally Gillard mentioned Slatterys and Patiserie Valerie. Becky Purcell to email Sally a letter for each. 
☆Melissa Kelly to ask about “damaged cakes” 
☆Governors asked to provide wine for the water2wine stall. 
☆We have lots of good stalls now but need to encourage more people to help run them. 
☆A Friends of Springside Primary School facebook page has been set up 
☆Next meeting on Thursday 24th November at 2pm Agenda for next meetings -sort out the remaining stalls that need running– bottle tombola etc -allocate stall positions – Y3,4,5 are nowhere yet -check if any raffle tickets have been bought and allocate/fold -draw layout of the school/hall -raffle prize update