20 March 2017

Minutes from Friends of Springside Primary School 20/3/17 
In attendance 
Miss Thornicroft, Adele Biega, Becky Purcell, Julie Rowlands, Sam Hornby 

 Miss Thornicroft is developing the pond area in school and is going to purchase some signs with minibeasts etc on but can't find any with pond creatures so can we help look please. She is also going to discuss with Mr James about sourcing a weather station. 
 Adele is going to ask around to try to source some logs to be used as seating. 
 Miss Thornicroft is really excited about the development of the kitchen area and thanked us for our shopping expedition to IDEA to buy the equipment. Miss Thornicroft and Sam have discussed making it a more appealing place with art work etc. Sam to sort this. 
 The Terms of Reference were shared with the group. This is the "rules" which our group needs to follow set by the Governing Board (please see attached) 
 Members of the Friends of Springside Primary School group need to be DBS checked (old CRB) as they will be in school regularly and possibly working with children. Members need to pass their email address on to Miss Thronicroft asap so this can be set up. It is easy and is online. (Adele, Julie, Becky & Mum and Cath I have sent your email addresses to Miss Thornicroft) 
 At the last Governors meeting, Sam shared what the group have done so far and how much the group has raised and the Governors were very impressed. Well done everyone...around £4000 raised since September!! An amazing amount ...so far! 
 The Fashion Show has been arranged for May the 4th (be with you...Sorry couldn't help it) at 7pm. Tickets are £5 each and we will be selling wine. Nibbles will be on tables. 
 Miss Thornicroft has got the alcohol licence for the fashion show. 
 The Governors have asked if we can do a paragraph each term for the head teachers report to governors so that they are kept informed with our amazing contribution. - Could we also do this on the newsletter to parents? 

Points for action 
1. All members to give email address to school for DBS checks (apart from those listed above) 
2. All members to read terms of reference 
3. All members to look for signs with pond creatures on that are weatherproof 
4. Adele to source logs for seating area 
5. Sam to arrange with Miss Thornicroft about improving the kitchen areas appearance 
6. Find out prices for wine for the fashion show 
7. Promote the fashion show