18 May 2017

Minutes of Friends of school meeting 18/5/17 
In attendance Sam Hornby, Becca Turner, Melissa Kelly, Becky Purcell, Adele Biega, Julie Rowlands, Anthea Hardman, Hannah Hardman, Sally Gillard, Nik, Angela 

 A quick summery of the stall ideas was shared by Sam from previous minutes. 
 Sam shared the email from school "The kids usually choose their own. We usually have tin can alley, we had one where you drop a coin into a tank with a coin in the bottom. Some kind of treasure map. We'll do hook a duck if it's nice. We also do penalty shoot out if it's nice. Throwing a ball into a clown's mouth. That's all I can think of for now. They also do name the teddy Year 4 usually do corks in a sand pit." 
 Becca "volunteered" to make a cake for guess the weight of the cake. 
 Sam has asked the parent involved with Best in Bury butchers if they would be able to do anything to help with meat for the BBQ and she has asked for us to give her numbers and she will see what she can do.  Becca said we could use their BBQ 
 Could we ask parents for any gazebos that we could use? 
 Can Glee club perform? 
 Becca said she could ask her dad if he would be able to do an archery stall (suckered not spike arrows) 
 Could we do non-uniform for donations for the fair but not per class. Maybe one thing a week and whole school collects same but we can also say what else we are collecting so we get enough of everything? (Bottles, shoe boxes, brick a brack, toys, chocolate etc) 
 Becky to find out about crazy golf. 
 Need to ring fire/police to see if they could come to the fair 
 Can we get the children to make an invitation for their families to come to the fair? Also make some for the new parents/Betty/neighbours 
 Sally has spoken to a friend at the council about putting a sign up about the fair and has been told to just put it up. Someone possibly may say we would have to take it down but we wouldn't be in trouble  Sally is on a mission for raffle prizes o Need to look at previous minutes from Xmas fair to see who could donate for summer 
 Stalls so far o Smack/smash/splat a rat (Becca to ask dad if he would mind making this for us) 
o Coconut shy (Becca is speaking to her dad about this too - he is awesome) 
o Hook a duck (Y6 school has this) 
o Rubber chicken chuckin'
o Trash or treasure 
o Name the teddy (Y6 Colin donated a teddy) 
o Corks in a sandpit (Y4)
o Tin can alley (Y6) 
o Yucky dip o Water warriors 
o Water to wine 
o Bottle tombola 
o Cakes 
o Ice cream 
o International cuisine (need to send a letter out to ask parents to donate to this on the day) 
o BBQ/Hotdogs 
o Candy floss 
o Face painting (Sam and Sally? Sam to train Melissa so she is able to help out) 
o raffle 
o Bouncy castle (Commando Joe) 
o AMF Bowling (Adele has sorted this) 
o Toddler playpen 
o Bury football club 
o Archery? 
o Golf challenge (hit ball onto an envelope and win what is inside) 
o Pot goodies 
o Space Hopes racing 

 Anthea has got Grace to get a football signed last night by Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Ian Wright, Kevin Kilbane, Martin Keown and Garth Crooks also a signed end of season Match of the Day Script and is trying to get a giant tennis ball signed by Serena! 
 Becky suggested some craft activities like some bee deely boppers/decorate a pencil case etc 

Other business 
 If you haven't already sorted your DBS please do so asap 
 Tesco and Asda token - need to go onto the website to apply.
 Sals shoes - could we maybe do this at the end of term? Wouldn't have to be school shoes and we could collect all year round. We could maybe have a big box at the summer fair for people to put their donations in. http://www.salsshoes.com Sal's Shoes is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as charitable by HMRC for tax purposes. There’s something wonderful about watching a child take its first faltering steps; toddling barefoot, not cramped by shoes or socks. But then, as confidence grows, there are leaves to be kicked up and puddles to splash in. And so, to their first pair of shoes. Before long, their little feet will outgrow them; and the cycle of replacing barely-worn shoes begins. Now, imagine this. There are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites, such as hookworm; while injuries to the feet and ankles can lead to ulcers and other conditions which are almost always left untreated. Without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school. Three years ago, when faced with a collection of our son Sal’s outgrown shoes, I sought out charities who could donate them to those most in need. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a single organisation that could tell me where Sal’s pre-loved shoes would actually end up. I decided to cut out the middle man. Having grown up in Africa, and with a network of family and friends scattered all over the world, I decided that if no-one was willing to tell me where exactly Sal’s shoes would end up walking again, I would deliver them there myself. A parcel was sent to a friend overseas, who distributed them on a children’s oncology ward and sent back a photograph of a child wearing Sal’s first pair of shoes; Sal’s pair of shoes had become another’s. After initially collecting more
outgrown children’s shoes from family and friends, word spread and soon I was inundated with pairs of barely worn shoes; ‘Sal’s Shoes’ had been born. In our first year, we collected 4,805 pairs of shoes and distributed them in 8 countries, including in the UK. In 2015, our third year we collected 81,598 pairs of shoes and distributed them in 26 countries.