18 March 2019

Attendees : CB, CD, NB, BP, AB, GT
Apologies : JR, SH, TH,
GT to speak to Governing body about having a fully constituted PTA asap.  This means we can access more funding.
School disco – letters checked. Dates and times ok.
28th March. DJ booked. Biscuits, drinks and crisps – all bought. Cups – need to check.
                        Volunteers needed. 
First disco: CD, JP, KF
Second disco: JR, AH
Any other volunteers?????
Staff – GT to give list. Ta’s to go on a rota.
Easter Show – Rehearsals seem to be going well, children  all very positive.
Music for shows – is there any chance of children learning the music in the half term before the rehearsals so that they can audition effectively?
Funding : GT to review funding bulletin from Kim Griffiths.  CB forwarded to GT and AB.
Willow Tree Sculpture – aiming to go in Early Years.
Asda funding bid for Nature Reserve – trees coming from application.
Pancake Toss made over £600!!!!
Comic relief is alternative years.  Wondering if it is too much in that same term as World Book Day and the sponsored event.
World Book Day competitions. AB and CB have sent Mrs P the details.
Need to look for more funding. 
                Grant for SEN friendly playground
                Art Group – Age Concern, funding for community Links.
Next Stage at Wellington Rd park.
Recycling – batteries from Aldi/Lidl. All children have been given a recycling box. Can win ipads.
Rocket Gardens – donations of veg.
Pupil Premium Children – parents need to be informed as soon as children start school how to apply and what school gains if they do.  Discussed telling parents at the EYFS drop off event.  Also discussed looking through the information pack parents are given and possibly updating some of the information.  Need to liaise with EYFS staff.
Food Parcels – if any families are in need they or school can contact Caritas, Chesham Fold Foodbank, or St John with St Mark who run Porch Boxes for both StJs and Christchurch.
Diary dates:
                        Early Years Graduation 17th July
                        Disco Reception – Year 5 18th July
                        Leavers Disco – 22nd July
                        EYFS party – 22nd July
Summer Fair -  Friday 12th July
                        Ice pops – sell at Fair and give at disco.
                        CD has freezer and will buy ice pops.
Summer Raffle: to be drawn on Thursday 18th July
                                1st prize – Tre Ciccio voucher (Ramsbottom £50)
                                2nd prize - £50 B&Q voucher
                                3rd prize – £25 Chocolate Café Voucher
AB to organise raffle tickets…
Bring fair items in on Fri 28th June
                                    Fri 5th July
Wear non uniform on day of fair – Fri 12th July    Summer holiday theme.
Meetings – every other Friday morning
                        26th April
                        10th May
                        20th May
                        7th June
                        21st June
                        28th June
                        5th July
Aim is to complete funding bids as much as we can and then pass them on to Miss T to check, amend, add to etc.
Also will be preparing stuff for the Summer Fair. Hope you are all saving wine bottles in anticipation…
We need to be really organised for next year – school needs us to raise as much as we possibly can to support them so…
Potential ideas for September.
                 Smarties Tubes – give every child a tube of
Smarties and ask them to fill it with money, 20ps etc.   
Need to source Smarties.
Welcome Disco for EYFS families, children and their families.
Thinking maybe October 10th
Disco for rest of school 17th Oct (maybe)
Disco in each term
Children in Need
Christmas Fair
Sponsored event