Commando Joe

Hi, I'm Commando Tim, Springside's very own Commando Joe. I am working with Springside every Tuesday, all year.

This doesn't mean that Springside are reservists for the next world conflict!

Commando Joes do not put a military ethos into schools, we work with children to help them realise their potential. Our passion is to inspire young people with positive role models and give a young person confidence, ambition and self-worth. Click here to find out more.

2 Commando Joes!!

posted 14 Oct 2017, 05:38 by Miss Thornicroft

I had a visitor with me in school this week. Our visiting Commando Joe is going to lots of schools at the moment to learn about what we do. He was very impressed with the children in our school and he said we all worked really hard and had wonderful behaviour and manners.  

Excellent co-operation skills!!

posted 7 Oct 2017, 04:13 by Miss Thornicroft   [ updated 7 Oct 2017, 04:15 ]

I have been working with lots of groups of children since September and I have been really impressed with the amount 
of co-operation and team work skills I have seen. These pictures show a group of children from year 5 managing to plait 3 ropes by using a very limited set of instructions. 
Keep up the good work everyone!!

Last Commando Joe Club of the Year

posted 30 May 2017, 07:14 by Miss Thornicroft

The next Commando Joe club will be for year 5 and 6 children. Thank-you to all who have joined so far. We have only 3 places left so if you want to join, get your slip handed in on the first day back after half term. Be ready to work hard!!

Attendance 19th May 2017

posted 20 May 2017, 09:21 by Miss Thornicroft

Overall - 96%
KS1 winner - Year 2 - 97%
KS2 winner - Year 4 - 98%

Attendance 5th May 2017

posted 7 May 2017, 09:56 by Miss Thornicroft

Overall - 94%
KS1 winner - Year 2 - 99%
KS2 winner - Year 3 - 95%

Attendance 28th April 2017

posted 29 Apr 2017, 05:46 by Miss Thornicroft

Overall - 93%
KS1 winner - Year 2 - 92%
KS2 winner - Year 4 - 97%

Attendance 21st April 2017

posted 22 Apr 2017, 10:18 by Miss Thornicroft

Whole school - 90%
KS1 Winner - Year 2 - 93%
KS2 winner - Year 6 - 96%

Calling All Reception Children!!

posted 22 Apr 2017, 10:14 by Miss Thornicroft   [ updated 22 Apr 2017, 10:14 ]

We still have a few places available in the after school club this half term. If your child is in Reception and your would like them to attend, please let Miss Thornicroft know. 

Easter Message

posted 1 Apr 2017, 05:54 by Miss Thornicroft

Hi everyone, well done to the children in year 3 and year 4 for your hard work in my after school club this term. Next term it is reception's turn, please remember to bring in your slips so you get a place in my club. Happy Easter everyone! 

Attendance 31st March 2017

posted 1 Apr 2017, 05:48 by Miss Thornicroft

Whole school - 92%
Key stage 1 winner - Year 1 - 89%
Key stage 2 winner - Year 5 - 97%

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