Assertive Mentoring Overview

Assertive Mentoring is a system which allows us to track children’s’ progress on a half-termly basis. It provides us with a detailed breakdown of what the children can do and clearly identifies what they need to do next to move their learning on.

Assertive Mentoring helps us to provide appropriate challenge or support and helps you to see what you can do to support and encourage your child at home.

Children don’t move up a sub-level every term – in fact the national expectation is that they make 2 levels (6 sub-levels) progress from Y3-Y6. This system shows you the small steps of progress the children are making, because it assesses all criteria within the level, so you can see which skills and concepts they have made progress in.

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Assertive Mentoring Meeting

Children have 1:1 mentoring meetings each half term with their mentor to discuss their progress and identify targets to work on. These are then sent home to share with parents. Children are graded red, yellow or green across the different areas of their learning including their attitude to learning and their behaviour.