Anti-Bullying Week 2016
What a fantastic launch to our Anti-Bullying Week. We invited a company called Firehorse Productions into school to perform an anti-bullying play called 'Sticks and Stones'. Their message was really clear and everyone enjoyed the performance. This was a great start to our week of activities.

Anti-bullying Week 2015
Although anti-bullying is an all year event, during anti-bullying week we raised awareness doing different activities including: 
An anti-bullying policy written 'by' children 'for' children

Year 3 focused on Cyber-Bullying and made this short video to help children deal with being bullied online.

Cyber Bullying.mp4

Some children in Year 3 made PowerPoints like the one below:

Cyber Bullying

Year 6 also made some videos to show examples of bullying and what you should do:




And remember...

Aisha's Anti-Bullying message.mp4